Impacts of lockdown on health and lifestyle!!

    Impacts of lockdown on health and lifestyle!! ~ mindsaviour

    Overview In the past few months, almost every country had faced LOCKDOWN to fight against the outbreak of Covid-19. Lockdown is the requirement for people, to stay at the place where they are. It is an emergency measure, imposed to the lower down the spread of coronavirus. It also known as ‘stay-at-home’ or ‘shelter-at-place’ conditions. Due to this lockdown, everyone is asked to stay at home, and they can leave home to buy essentials only with proper masks and gloves. This sudden change in routine leads to certain lifestyle changes and health issues. Let’s know about the impact of lockdown…

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    Meditation: The process of healing

    What is Meditation? Meditation is a practice where a person uses a method to train attention and consciousness – such as mindfulness or concentrating the mind on a single thing, thinking, or action – and achieve a mentally conscious, emotionally…

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    Yoga of subconscious mind

    Overview Yoga has several benefits for the human mind and body. The basic benefits of yoga are for mind relaxation. But do you know about the subconscious mind and how do we help in improving our subconsciousness? First of all,…

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    Benefits of yoga

    Yoga in daily life Yoga is a practice done by several gurus in India. They have talked about the benefits of yoga in daily life and also on life as a whole. As per Indian mythology, the ultimate goal of…

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    How do yoga affects human body internally?

    Overview Doing yoga has several benefits in life, it keeps you fit and fresh without a routined workout and hardcore exercises. Talking about asanas in yoga, each one have its own variation in performing as well as benefits differently to…

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    Let’s restart your life with yoga

    Yoga Yoga is an ancient practice that brings harmony in a being by making them peaceful and satisfied deeply. It consists of asanas postures, breath control, and mind control. Meditation develops harmony in the body, mind, and environment. The practice…

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    Interesting brain fun facts

    The Brain The brain is a part of the central nervous system in your body. It is your most complicated body part. It possesses the ability to send and receive a huge amount of information. Because it’s so complex, there…